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Food industry  customers receive safe and reliable foodstuff transport services. Mutually beneficial long-term cooperation is a cornerstone of Montén’s customer partnership model. An open dialog with customers regarding the feasibility of customer needs is the first step of cooperation. The transport needs of new customers are individually evaluated in order to serve specific customer needs. In order to provide the highest level of service to our customers, quality requirements are assessed and on-site inspections are performed prior to trial deliveries. Following trial deliveries, customer feedback serves as the benchmark for further cooperation and is the foundation of a long-term customer relationship. Providing reliable and trustworthy transport services functions as the basis for broader collaboration and the assessment of new transports.


VMI services guarantees a constant supply of product to customers

Broader customer relationships also involve providing customers with supplemental services. Vendor managed inventory (VMI) guarantees the flow of product and minimizes production interruptions. VMI silo monitoring brings Montén’s transport services  to be an active part of the customer’s production process and planning. VMI services involve Montén to monitor customer product supply levels and to keep a constant supply of product at the customer’s silo. Real-time electronic silo monitoring and dialog with customer production planning guarantees a constant flow of supply.

Continuous traceability* minimizes customer supply disruptions

“The traceability of food and food ingredients along the food chain is an essential element in ensuring food safety” as stated in Regulation (EC) No 852/2004.  As an integral part of the food industry supply chain, traceability and timely follow-up of deliveries undertaken by Montén is essential to minimize and hinder customer supply disruptions. Monténs real-time order management system allows for the real-time follow-up of the progress of delivery. The system allows for continuous real-time follow-up of transports including: planned and actual loading times, planned and actual delivery times and exact delivery amounts. Montén maintains a complete electronic delivery history of all units, and freight bills are saved in paper format for 5 years as required by legislation. Maintaining an electronic delivery history of all units within the real-time order management system, allows for fast responses of delivery histories in case of need.

* “traceability” means the ability to trace and follow a food, feed, food-producing animal or substance intended to be, or expected to be incorporated into a food or feed, through all stages of production, processing and distribution Source: REGULATION (EC) No 178/2002