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The needs of the customer operating in the food industry and the hygiene of foodstuff guide our personnel decisions. Knowledge of the hygiene of foodstuff throughout the organization is therefore of utmost importance. More than 40 years of experience in the field of bulk foodstuff transports, contributes to Montén’s knowledge of food industry needs.

Active personnel policies aim to enhance staff knowledge of the hygiene of foodstuff and the importance of product safety in the food industry. Regular training sessions are organized to educate staff about developments within the food industry, changing customer demands, as well as the food industry’s legislative changes.

Part of Montén’s self-surveillance system and the regular training sessions is to go through claims, audits and corrective measures. Information sessions are also organized to train staff in the latest technical equipment advancement in order to safeguard both product and driver safety. External trainers are also utilized to enhance staff knowledge on relevant topics such as safe and environmentally friendly driving, ADR training in the transport of dangerous goods, and occupational safety trainings. Upon hiring, new drivers are trained by experienced drivers before being given independent transport assignments.

Clear communication between drivers and customers is a prerequisite to providing a safe and an uninterrupted transport services to our customers. Clear communication guarantees that production interruptions are minimized and, therefore, Montén drivers are required to possess clear communication skills in at least two of the following three languages: English, Finnish and Swedish.

Drivers operate at various food manufacturing plants, and the safety of both customer staff and driver safety is of utmost importance. Drivers carry with them adequate safety gear that not only keep the transported product safe but also hinder onsite accidents from occurring. Knowledge of safety related issues are also regularly part of driver trainings.

Knowledge and understanding of the food industry is important to be able to meet customer demands, and therefore long-term personnel relationships are valued by Montén.